Sunday, March 25, 2012

The *Easy* Baby Blanket: Take 2

Spring is in the air around here and everyone I know is having babies. I have been a busy bee making all sorts of things for little ones. I think baby gifts are one of my most favorite gifts to make because they are so cute!

A couple of our best friends just recently had their first boy and I wanted to make them something bright and fun for him. I remembered The *Easy* Baby Blanket I had made awhile back and thought that something like it could be the perfect gift, so it was off to the craft room once again.

This time I decided to jazz it up a bit and make a 4 patch blanket. It is just as easy as the original and sews up so quickly!


1 yard of backing fabric (I used flannel)
1/2 yard of minky
1/2 yard of coordinating fabric (I again used flannel)
Matching thread
Sewing machine

Helpful supplies:
Rotary cutter
Cutting mat
Straight pins
(not pictured) safety pins

**Since the fabrics were all different widths, I cut them down to the following sizes:
Backing fabric: 22"x44"
Minky: 2 pieces each: 17"x22"
Coordinating fabric (stars): 2 pieces each: 17"x22"

I also like to wash and press my fabrics well before sewing to avoid shrinkage. Don't press the minky however because this will damage it.

 Step 1: With the right sides together, match up each piece of the minky with one piece of coordinating fabric. Pin the pieces together along the edge of the right side. I used the long edge of my piece.

Step 2: Using a straight stitch, begin sewing along this edge leaving a half inch seam allowance. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam. Do this for both pieces of the minky and coordinating fabric.

After they have been sewn together, very carefully press the seam open with a hot iron. Be careful not to scorch the minky. It doesn't like to iron very well.

Step 3: Once the seams have been pressed, it should look something like this. Lay the two pieces of fabric right sides together and with the minky and coordinating fabric against each other as shown. Very carefully match the two seams up to each other and pin together. Then continue pinning along the rest of the edge of that side as shown in step one. Then sew together as in step 2.

When you open it, it should look like this.

Step 4: Take the backing piece and the now front piece and lay them right sides together.

Step 5: To help secure the minky while sewing, I used a few safety pins and pinned the front and back of the blanket together. Then I pinned around the entire edge of the blanket. I marked about a 5" spot in the middle of one side to leave unsewn. This will be for turning the blanket right side out.

Please forgive the lack of pictures right here. I think I just got carried away with sewing!

Follow Step 2 and sew a straight stitch along the edges of the blanket. Leave a half inch seam allowance. When you come to a corner, leave the presser foot down and use the wheel to move the needle into the down position. Then pick up the presser foot and rotate the blanket in the direction that you will need to be sewing again. Lower the presser foot and you can start sewing. This will help you get nice straight corners.

Be sure not to sew over the section that you marked off as the opening to turn the blanket right side out.

Step 6: Clip off all 4 corners but make sure not to cut too close to your seam. 

Again, carried away with the sewing machine and forgot to take pictures!

Step 7: Turn the blanket right side out using the hole you left for opening. Use a dull pencil or chopstick or something similar to poke the corners of the blanket out. Then lightly press the seams of the blanket with your iron. I ironed on the back side of the blanket where the flannel was to avoid scorching the minky. Be sure to press the seams of the hole you left for turning the blanket so that they line up with the rest of the seams.

Step 8: Finish the blanket by sewing a 1/4" border around the entire edge. This will close up the hole you left for turning. I did this in a contrasting color to give it a little more pop.

All packaged up and ready to go.

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  1. Very cute gift! I love making baby gifts too :) I know that really soft fabric would be great. My son loves anything like that!

  2. Very cute, I have to admit I hate working with minky but in the end its so worth it!

  3. I love your little blanket, it turned out so cute! And the minky is so fun to use, it's so soft and cuddly. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I bought so much minky to make blankets but the minky always goes every which way and they come out terrible! I even pin it every time... what am I missing? Any tips for me?

    1. I safety pinned the pieces of my blanket together to help keep it in place. They also make actual quilting safety pins which might work better but I haven't tried them. You are right! Minky is so slippery. The safety pins really help hold the two pieces of fabric together in addition to the pins along the edge of the fabric. Hope that helps! Let me know if you need any more suggestions.

    2. I use LOTS of pins and a walking foot. The walking foot makes life so much easier!

  5. Love your sweet little blanket! Thanks so much for linking up to Made With Love at Sew Chatty! Your blanket was the most clicked link! I'm featuring you today!