Monday, March 12, 2012

Budget DIY: Cleaning Foggy Headlights

For awhile now I have been very frustrated with the look of my car's headlights. Not to mention the fact that it makes it very difficult to see at night. They were completely yellow and fogged over. I was about at the point where I thought I needed new ones.

I can't take all the credit or in fact any of the credit on finding this incredible trick. My good friend Carol posted on Facebook about this neat trick and as soon as I read it, I went running to the garage to give it a try. I figured that it couldn't make them any worse and I had everything on hand.

Supplies Needed:
Clean rag or two
Toothpaste (the original post recommended Colgate but I used what I had on hand)
Not pictured - bowl of water

Step 1: Apply some of the toothpaste on the dry cloth

Step 2: Rub the toothpaste on the headlight in a circular motion until the grime starts to come off. This takes a bit of elbow grease and may take a few applications.

Step 3: After it appears that the grime has come off, use the cloth (or another clean one) to rinse the headlight clean. If it seems that it is still a bit hazy, do another application with the toothpaste and rinse again.

Step 4: When it is completely clean, buff it dry. Admire your nice shiny headlight!

diy cleaning headlights

Other than adding text, I didn't retouch my photos at all. I was completely shocked at the difference between the before and after. And I can't wait to test out my night driving!

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  1. Hi Andi,
    Brilliant!, thanks for sharing the tip. Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower. I really appreciate it and I'm now your newest follower. Have a great day.


  2. Great idea! Dryer sheets work pretty good at getting the dead bugs off of the paint without harming it :) My hubby has a white car too and keeping it clean is a job!

  3. Great Idea!...I am definitely adding this to my "car care".....Toothpaste is wonderful! Have a great week!

  4. That really does make a difference. You have a great blog and I started following too.

  5. I just tried this today...and it looks AMAZING. Thanks for the tip :)

  6. I will be trying this tonight. thank you

  7. What a great tip!

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent and creativity on “A Little Birdie Told Me…” Tuesday this past week! It means a lot to have you be one of our birds of a feather! I hope the party has brought some good things your way.
    Jenn/Rook No. 17