Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random Musings: Lost Phone

I swear at least 5 times a day I utter the phrase, "I can't find my phone!" I can hear my mother now saying, "It's not nice to swear." But it's true. The phone plays some sort of crazy disappearing act on me all throughout the day.

The other day, I was wandering everywhere in the house looking for it and about to give up. When I get to this point, I usually have two routes to take. If I am home alone, the house phone usually comes to my rescue. I'm pretty sure it's the only reason we have a house phone anymore. If someone else is home, they are the lucky one who gets to call my phone in search of it.

Unfortunately, this doesn't always workout the way I would like it to. My phone has this great little switch, which makes it so easy to turn the volume off and turn vibrate mode on. Problem is that I almost always forget to turn the volume back on. Doesn't work out so well when trying to call my phone to find it!

My husband keeps telling me that he's going to get me a leash for my phone. Something like this might do:

Source: via Andi on Pinterest

Although, I can't imagine carrying that around all day! Can you just imagine the looks I would get if I answered a call on that phone while out running errands?

Lucky for me this time, I didn't have to go through all these lengthy measures. After searching high and low for the crazy phone, I found it on the couch I had just gotten up from. I swear it wasn't there when I left. (Sorry, mother!)
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  1. AndiMac, my lovely wife has this same problem, although her issues reach beyond her two phones (iPhone and work CrackBerry) to include her wallet, keys, and occasionally sunglasses. I have told her many times that if she uses that clever contraption hanging on the wall by the door with hooks for keys and slots for the other things, she'd never have to worry about it. But alas, she resists, and I have to hear about it almost daily.
    Love you,

    1. I think she gets a pardon, where I do not unfortunately. I've heard that pregnancy can cause women to forget all sorts of things, so you better be nice, Mr. Taylor. I might need one of those handy things to go by the door because now that you mention it, my phone isn't the only thing to go missing around here!
      Love you too!