Saturday, December 3, 2011

One for the guys (and girls too)...The Dresser Remodel

This project came to be because I have always loved Craftsman tool boxes but that's really not in the budget right now. And diamond plate! Oh how I love diamond plate! At one point I really wanted a kitchen with a diamond plate back splash. The inspiration for this project was this ratty old dresser that I used to store fabric in. I have much better storage for the fabric now, so I have no need for the dresser. On Pinterest, I had read some tutorials about repainting laminate without needing to sand (which I've heard can be a nightmare). This one from Karla's Cottage was especially helpful.

So I give you - The Dresser Remodel:

 1. I started with the ratty old dresser. Some of the laminate was peeling and it was just ugly. I prepped it by wiping it with a damp cloth and letting it dry. Then removed all the handles. The places where the laminate was hanging off, I carefully removed but didn't peel too far off.

2. The next step was to remove the drawers and paint two coats of Glidden Gripper Primer. The dry time for the coats is very short, only 30 minutes or an hour in between coats. It thoroughly covered everything. I only bought the quart size can of it and it was more than enough for the dresser and the drawers.

3. I used Benjamin Moore Color Samples in Red and Black. I had a coupon for two free cans, so that didn't end up costing anything. Two coats of black went on the drawers and two coats of red for the main piece. Then  sprayed a clear coat of Krylon on the entire thing. 

4. The finishing touch was new chrome handles and putting it back together. Total cost - less than $25 (some supplies I was able to get free and some I had on hand). Overall much cheaper than a new upright tool chest!

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