Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 is creeping up!

I had a friend post a list of 30 things to do before turning 30 just the other day and I realized that I would be turning 30 much sooner that she would. Eight months from now actually! It's startling because it is so much sooner than I realized. It got me thinking that there are so many things that I would like to do (and need to do) between now and then. It seems to me that I'm much better at accomplishing these sorts of things when I write them down so I can see them. It took some serious thinking to come up with my list, but it's finally ready to share. Without further ado, here it is:

My 30 before 30: 
1.     Go wine tasting
2.     Lose (and never find again) at least 40 pounds
3.     Pay off a debt (or more)
4.     Host a party
5.     Finish taking my sewing class
6.     Try at least one new recipe a week
7.     Learn how to make tutorials for my blog
8.     Re-learn Spanish
9.     Go on a road trip
10.  Stay at a B&B
11.  Get a regular exercise schedule
12.  Run a 5k
13.  Finish our wedding scrapbook (or junk box as my husband calls it)
14.  Try scuba diving
15.  Go shooting with my husband more (actually learn how to use a shotgun and get better with a handgun)
16.  Read the Bible all the way through
17.  Learn to sew from a pattern
18.  Blog regularly
19.  Learn to decorate cupcakes/cakes
20.  Make the VIP fundraiser list at Ronald McDonald House Walk for Kids
21.  Organize my kitchen/pantry
22.  Organize my craft room (that’s a BIG project!!!)
23.  Get into good habits (reading scriptures, drinking more water, not putting my clothes at the foot of my bed, not leaving dishes in the sink, eating healthy… what I know I should already be doing)
24.  Learn to hand sew
25.  Learn how to design my blog
26.  Watch top 25 from American Film Institute’s 100 Best Movies (it’s a good start toward the “Whaaaatttttt, you haven’t seen [insert apparently AMAZING movie title here]?????” response that I always get when a movie is referenced)
 **Update (1/7/12)** - I've had a hard time finding the AFI movies because they are mostly older movies, so I've changed this to the top 25 from IMDb's Top 250 movies. 
27.  Go on a picnic (with our picnic basket that has never been used!)
28.  Volunteer for Project Linus more often
29.  Keep my coupons organized (instead of the crazy pile that they always seem to be in)
30.  Read one new book a month (and actually finish it)

I'll keep you all updated as the list gets checked off and post all the things I get to try/get done. Should make for a fun 8 months!

Update: Check out other 30 Before 30 lists here


  1. Okay girl... you... me... 5K! I do them all the time! Bye-bye #12! :)

  2. That sounds fantastic! I'm starting the Couch to 5k, I think the name of the app changed though. Basically the same thing. But that would be so fun to do it with you!

  3. What a fun idea. Deadlines are a great motivator aren't they?